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Melbourne Veena Festival - Annual Veena Festival in Melbourne, Australia

Iyer brothers playing the Veena
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About the Melbourne Veena Festival

Since its inception in 2017, the Melbourne Veena Festival, an annual Veena Festival in Melbourne has emerged as a dynamic celebration of the mesmerising world of veena music.


Organised by the Iyer brothers, the festival has evolved into a significant platform for both budding and renowned artists, transcending geographical boundaries. Over the years, it has become a haven for veena enthusiasts, uniting them in their shared love for this enchanting classical instrument.

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Bringing Veena Enthusiasts Together

The Melbourne Veena Festival has undergone a remarkable transformation since 2020, adapting to the changing global landscape by transitioning into the digital realm. This shift has not only allowed for greater accessibility but has also broadened the scope of the festival.


Now, it features accomplished senior artists from diverse corners of the world, creating a unique fusion of traditions and styles that resonates with global audiences.

Veena - stringed instrument
Veena - stringed instrument
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