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The Pichumani School of Carnatic Music
- Melbourne, Australia

About the School

In 1990, the Iyer brothers embarked on a remarkable journey by establishing the Pichumani School of Carnatic Music. The institution, initially founded in Melbourne by Ramnath and in Wellington, New Zealand by Gopinath, has played a pivotal role in promoting the rich heritage of Carnatic music. Gopinath's relocation to Australia in 1993 marked a significant milestone, as it brought both brothers together to further their mission.

Nurturing the Musical Heritage

Over the past three decades, the Pichumani School of Carnatic Music has been a beacon of traditional music education, specialising in the intricate art of veena playing and vocal music. This institution has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication to nurturing the talents of aspiring musicians and enthusiasts.

Iyer brothers' Veena student
Veena student playing the veena
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Showcasing Excellence & Dedication

One of the school's notable achievements has been the presentation of nine senior students in full-length solo veena recitals, a testament to the depth of talent and dedication fostered within its walls. Additionally, two senior students have had the honor of showcasing their vocal prowess through recitals, further highlighting the school's commitment to excellence.

A 30-Year Celebration of Carnatic Legacy

As the Pichumani School of Carnatic Music celebrates its 30th anniversary, it continues to be a source of inspiration and learning for generations to come, preserving the timeless legacy of Carnatic music and nurturing the talents of countless individuals.

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