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Veena Virtuosos Based in Melbourne, Australia

Veena - an Indian stringed instrument
The Iyer brothers - Veena virtuosos

Ramnath Iyer & Gopinath Iyer

Hailing from Melbourne, the dynamic twin duo Ramnath Iyer and Gopinath Iyer had their initial veena training from Vidushi Srimathi Rajagopalan, before emerging as the proteges of the renowned Veena maestros, Shri R. Pichumani and Trivandrum Shri R. Venkataraman. They continue to expand their knowledge and repertoire from the veteran Vidhushi Smt. Rama Ravi.

In the world of music, the Iyer brothers resonate as Australia's foremost Veena virtuosos, capturing hearts not only in their homeland but also on international stages, gracing some of the most illustrious venues across the globe.

Ramnath Iyer, Veena expert
Gopinath Iyer, Veena expert
Shri Pichumani Iyer - Veena Vidhwan
Shri. R. Venkataraman - Veena Vidhwan
Shrimathi Rajagopalan - Veena Guru and Expert
Smt. Rama Ravi, Veena Expert and Guru
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Enthralling Audiences as a Team

Fusing their unparalleled musical wisdom and unique artistic flavors, the Iyer brothers have evolved into an inseparable duo, renowned for their virtuosity and the enchanting rhythm they bring to the realm of Carnatic music.

The Iyer brothers' achievements speak for themselves, serving as a testament to their exceptional talent and influence in the musical world.

Ramnath & Gopinath Iyer - Veena Vidhwans in Melbourne, Australia
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